A List of Mottos

A List of Mottos.

Why bother?

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else"
-motto by Booker T. Washington

A motto is a brief word or phrase that expresses the guiding principles or purpose of a person or organization. In other words... an incredible way for you to connect on a personal level with your prospect.

The tag-line on your business card could be a very effective motto that sets you apart from your competition.

Lets say you are given two business cards. One has the normal name, logo, phone number, blah,blah, blah. The other has the usual information but under the name of US Coast Guard you read the Latin words "Semper Paratus" which proudly states" Always Ready"

Which one stays with you? That's what I thought.

Perhaps you could choose a phrase similar to our latin mottos to give your card that touch of excellence. Its also a good conversation starter when your prospect asks the meaning of your unique tag-line.

We also have several funny mottos that will get your neurons clicking. Obviously not suitable for a funeral home but easily used for novelty stores, clowns, and entertainment business cards.

You have seen and heard hundreds of famous mottos and
cool life mottos through the years. Let these springboard your creativity to finding the right one for your business.

Even government and state mottos can give you insight in your search. Fifty to choose from though I think the Florida State motto is one of the best. You can find inspiration all around you. Anytime you have organizations you will find a examples to peruse. From Senior class mottos to team mottos, there are plenty to study.

My suggestion is to inspire, lift up and elevate the mind of your prospect. Nothing will do this better than motivational mottos.

Ready to start? Audentes fortuna iuvat ... fortune favors the bold (the motto of the Portuguese Army Commandos).


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As a side note...

I enjoy finding and hearing about unique businesses and the ways the owners market their business. That's the overall theme of this site.

I know you have that same kind of interest and knowledge in something.

Mottos perhaps?

Maybe not.

It could be knitting, Nascar, animal shelters or old pocket watches.

Almost anything.

Have you ever thought that perhaps there might be a way to earn additional income with that knowledge and passion?.

Take a look...


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