How To Build a Birdhouse

If you want to know how to build a birdhouse, leave this page now because there are no instructions for that here.

If you want to know how you can create a profitable business with your knowledge of bird houses keep on reading.

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It's true, building a birdhouse can be an enjoyable weekend project or if you plan on building a bird mansion perhaps a month-long project and at the end of your endeavors you can step back and look at a great bird house.

The birds will enjoy it and you will enjoy watching them.

My question for you though, is rather than just building a birdhouse, why not create an ongoing, profitable small business online and possibly off-line that could affect your lifestyle for years to come.

I know, I know... It sounds like a bunch of hype, wishful thinking and grandiose ideas.

Not necessarily. Not if you treat your birdhouse interest like a business, using common sense business practices of researching, planning and follow through.

The Need

You see you're not the only one that is interested in building a birdhouse.

Google says that globally there are over 150,000 monthly searches for birdhouses, building birdhouses, birdhouse plans and similar phrases.

That's a lot of people searching for a specific topic.

When you are aware of the need in the marketplace where people are actively searching for information and products, you can be sure there are individuals and companies that are meeting and profiting from that need.

There's no reason why you can't be one of those people.

What's stopping you from creating a website online that meets the needs and wants of those searchers?

Knowledge and know-how?

Those things can be learned.

Money to start the business?

Well it will take some money to legally set up a small business the website can be set up for next to nothing though I wouldn't recommended that.

One of the best companies I have found for creating an online business is SiteSell.

There are many others but this company provides the most behind the scenes help and instruction for everyone from the beginner to advanced webmasters.

Your Solution

The answers you could provide people around the world would include:

  • Designing Birdhouses
  • Manufacturing bird shelters and the accessories that go with them
  • Selling your bird homes on your website or to local or national stores
  • Selling other companies house designs from your website with the help of Amazon and other companies

  • Creating an information business on all aspects of bird shelters


    Your Profit

    If you would like to see an expanded list (dozens of ideas) of profit points with bird houses you can turn the page and check them out.

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