Famous Mottos...

(that you don't know yet.)

Famous mottos make you sit up and take notice.

Partly because of their forceful impact like the 366th Air Expeditionary Fighter Wing's "Aduentes Fortuna Juvat"--- Fortune Favours the BOLD.

Sometimes it is the elegance of a phrase like "The Fruit of Learning is Character and Righteous Conduct" from the University of Mumbai.

To be effective, your business card needs to make the receiver sit up and take notice. These famous mottos will help accomplish that.

Design is important, font selection and colors all come into the equation too.

Compelling words that connect to your prospects psyche will go a long way to establishing a mutual ground. Certainly a military type motto will connect with a veteran or patriotic citizen.

Tell me this, if you received a card that had on it something similar to the Navy's Submarine motto of "Any time, any where, always ready, always there", would you give a little more attention to the well dressed , sincere person in front of you?

Yep. Me too.

Enjoy our selection. This page is mainly military mottos. The next page is on business and academics.

As the motto of Churchill College, Cambridge says "Forward!"

  • The Buck Stops Here. ----- Harry Truman
  • Ready, aye ready
 ----- The Sea Cadet Corps
  • Swifter, Higher, Stronger ----- The Olympics
  • Spirit in Motion ----- Paralympic Games
  • The Best or Nothing ----- Corporate Motto of Daimler-Chrysler
  • Blood and Fire ----- The Salvation Army
  • Be Prepared ----- Boy Scouts
  • From the Moon, knowledge ----- Apollo 13
  • Always Vigilant ----- Civil Air Patrol
  • Do Your Best ----- Cub Scouts
  • Art for Art's Sake ----- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

  • Military

  • Ready For Anything! ----- The Parachute Regiment
  • Not by strength, but by guile 
 ----- British Special Boat Service
  • Who dares wins ----- United Kingdom Special Air Service
  • Through Adversity to the Stars ----- The Royal Air Force
  • Sword of Democracy ----- Austrian Military 

  • Faithful unto death ----- The Irish Regiment of Canada
  • Through Adversity to the Stars ----- The Canadian Air Force
  • Action from knowledge -----Canadian Intelligence Corps
  • Air Force

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  • Guardians of the North ----- 28th Bomber Wing
  • Liberty We Defend ----- 2nd Bomber Wing
  • Fire From the Clouds ----- 33rd Fighter Wing
  • Fortune Favors the Bold --- 366th Air Expeditionary Fighter
  • Any Task, Any Place, Anywhere -460th Security Forces
  • The Force Behind the Force ----- 72nd Aerial Port Squadron
  • Attack and Conquer ----- 8th Fighter Wing
  • Excellence in action .... Always ----- 91 Security Forces Group

  • US Marines

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  • Semper Fidelis Always Faithful ----- United States Marine Corps
  • Others will follow... where we lead ----- 1st Ba2d Marinesttalion
  • Devotion - Loyalty - Pride ----- 1st Battalion, 7th Marines
  • No better friend, no worse enemy ----- 1st Marine Division
  • First of the First ----- 1st Marine Regiment
  • Honor Before Glory ----- 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion
  • Second to None ----- 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines
  • Elite of the Elite ----- 2nd Force Recon
  • Honor - Valor - Fidelity ----- 3d Marine Division
  • Fortunes Favors the Brave ----- 3d Marine Regiment
  • Swift-Silent-Deadly ----- 3rd Recon Battalion

  • US Navy

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  • Not for self, but country ----- old US Navy Motto
  • In god we trust. All other we monitor ----- Naval Intelligence
  • In Peace and War ----- US Merchant Marines
  • We Build, We Fight ----- US Navy SeaBees motto
  • The only easy day was yesterday! ----- US Navy SEALS
  • SO OTHERS MAY LIVE ----- US NAVY Search and Rescue
  • In Harm's Way ----- USS John Paul Jones

  • Vanguard of Victory ----- USS Normandy
  • Peace Through Strength ----- USS Ronald Reagan
  • Invictus Gallus Gladiator ----- USS Saratoga
  • Always Ready ----- US Coast Guard

  • US Army

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  • This We'll Defend ----- US Army
  • OVER, UNDER or THROUGH ----- 104th Cavalry Regiment
  • COURAGE CONQUERS ----- 37th Armored Regiment
  • Mercy Is Inherent In The Brave ----- 61ST MEDICAL BATTALION
  • Speed and Power ----- 69th Armored Regiment
  • Leadership And Integrity ----- FOURTH US ARMY
  • It Will Be Done ----- V CORPS
  • Steadfast and Strong ----- V CORPS ARTILLERY
  • To Serve-Treat-Train and Defend ----- US Army Medical Corp
  • More military mottos are waiting for you at Famous Military Mottos

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