Cool Life Mottos

"Qui audet adipiscitur" - Who Dares Wins!

Cool life mottos used for the tag-line on a business card can work wonders for both the prospect and you.

The prospect will get a glimpse into your value system (depending upon your choice of words) and you will have a time of soul searching when choosing the motto that best exemplifies you and your business.

Don't underestimate the value of a bold and uplifting motto.

These mottos all tend to elevate the spirit of both the motto bearer and the receiver.

Not a bad goal to have.

They can also encourage more conversation when your prospect asks for the meaning behind your motto.

Thought provoking ideas for cool life mottos can be found throughout history as you look at the phrases used for dynasties, family coat of arms, military groups and academic institutions.

You have already seen 50 or so famous mottos on the previous page. This next group can be used to help you hone in on a cool life motto that could inspire both you and your prospect.

Here is a sampling of business and academic mottos to prime your idea pump.

Perhaps your motto will encourage you to "Reach for the Stars" just as the University of Central Florida encourages others to do, or as the National Security Agency NSA reminds us..."Anything is possible, the impossible just takes longer".

Business Mottos

  • Think Different ----- Apple Computer
  • Your World. Delivered ----- AT&T
  • Delighting you always ----- Canon
  • Creativity and Contribution ----- Casio
  • American Revolution ----- Chevrolet
  • Search, Ads and Apps ----- Google
  • Think ----- IBM
  • Zoom Zoom ----- Mazda
  • I'm lovin' It ----- McDonald's
  • Just do It ----- Nike
  • Ideas for life ----- Panasonic
  • Live in Your World, Play in Ours ----- Sony Playstation
  • Leading Innovation ----- Toshiba
  • Save Money. Live Better ----- Walmart
  • Academic Mottos

  • It is divine to alleviate pain ----- Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • Life is the gift of God ----- Royal College of Midwives
  • Let them give light to the world ----- Amherst College
  • Truth and Virtue ----- Benedict College:
  • We seek, we trust ----- Bob Jones University:
  • In God we hope ----- Brown University
  • My Heart Is In The Work ----- Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Forward ----- Churchill College, Cambridge:
  • In thy light shall we see light ----- Columbia University
  • The voice of one crying in the wilderness ----- Dartmouth College
  • The Noble Aim ----- Emanuel School
  • May Eton Flourish ----- Eton College
  • Head, heart, hand, field ----- Florida A&M University
  • Strength, skill, customs ----- Florida State University
  • Both and one ----- Georgetown University
  • Truth ----- Harvard University
  • Light and Truth ----- Indiana University
  • The truth will set you free ----- Johns Hopkins University
  • Truth and usefulness) ----- King's College, Cambridge:
  • Not only intelligence, but also virtue ----- Liverpool College
  • Mind and Hand) ----- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • By work all things increase and grow ----- McGill University
  • In Christ all things hold together ----- McMaster University
  • To persevere and to excel ----- New York University
  • I Will Try ----- Norwich University
  • Mindful of the Future ----- Pitzer College
  • Education, Research, Service ----- Purdue University
  • Under God's power she flourishes ----- Princeton University
  • May this House Flourish ----- Queens' College, Cambridg
  • Learn and dare ----- Ravenscroft School
  • Truth, Loyalty, Service ----- Rhodes College
  • Truth, Duty, Valor ----- Royal Military College of Canada
  • Here begins new life) ----- Scripps College:
  • In spite of all hazards, go forward ----- Seton Hall University
  • The wind of freedom blows) ----- Stanford University
  • For God and Truth ----- Stetson University
  • Virtue is the True Nobility ----- Trinity College, Cambridge
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste -United Negro College Fund
  • Duty, Honor, Country ----- West Point
  • Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdomUniversity of Aberdee
  • Whatsoever things are true ----- University of Alberta
  • Knowledge that Works ----- University of Baltimore
  • I will lift up my eyes ----- University of Calgary
  • Reach for the Stars ----- University of Central Florida
  • My soul magnifies the Lord ----- University of Dundee
  • The Way, the Truth, the Life ----- University of Glasgow
  • Excellence through study ----- University of Lincoln
  • Great is the truth ----- University of Miam
  • Have courage to be wise ----- University of New Zealand
  • God is the master of knowledge ----- University of Ottawa
  • The Lord is my Light ----- University of Oxford:
  • Honor Excellence ----- University of the Philippines
  • For God and Country ----- University of Saskatchewan
  • Light, let it be ----- University of Washington
  • The way must be tried ----- University of York
  • By daring and by doing ----- Wesley College, Perth
  • Light and truth ----- Yale University
  • There are a lot of cool life mottos that can easily be tweaked to represent your business with the impact that you want. I would enjoy adding your uplifting, cool life motto to our collection if you would like to drop us a line right below.

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