Chicken Coop Plans for Profit!

Is it really possible to use chicken coop plans to change you financial future?

That depends on you....

If you are willing to to broaden your vision from the one coop you are planning for your backyard and start thinking multiple coops, that would help.

If you are willing to stretch your comfort zone to think national or even international sales...(even without building a single coop), well, now you're in the zone.

Chicken coop plans can be the springboard to ongoing profits and personal satisfaction.

That is not an exaggeration.

How so you ask?

The Need:

Today with personal finances being crunched, people need another way to stretch dollars and increase their income.

Along with that need, we have millions of people that desire to live a more ecologically responsible and organically healthy lifestyle. Raising chickens for their meat and eggs is just a part of their lifestyle. The big picture is a multi-billion-dollar business of the health movement around the world.

You can supply the solution.

Your Solution:

If you have plans that have worked well for you, or if you are willing to do some research at farms, in the library or online...with these plans you can lay the groundwork with a strong grasp of the basic essentials.

Once you understand the basic concepts and have a foundation in a proper layout of chicken coops, you can add whatever bells, whistles and additional attention getting improvements that will increase your marketability of your product.

First and foremost you will have saved yourself a substantial sum by building your first product yourself.

Local customers that see your product and want one for themselves would be your next step, then finding an efficient process to create multiple coops would allow you to sell them to local feed stores and chicken outlets. You can be known as the go-to person for pre-manufactured coops or on site chicken coop building.

In my opinion, there is a better way.

Planning, building, delivering and setting up chicken coops is very labor intensive. Unless you are actively engaged in working the business you are not creating an income.

When you stop, the money stops.

You could create a profitable ongoing online and off-line business.

Your knowledge can help your potential customer plan, build and successfully utilize their own homemade chicken coop. For those customers that don't know a hammer from a doorknob you can manufacture a chicken coop tailored to their needs.

You can show people how to build very simple and coops or extremely efficient and productive coops all the way up to extremely elaborate over-the-top chicken mansions.

If your passion is all about chickens you may have found a unique business opportunity that fits your interests. By creating chicken coop plans, you can start with the goal of making a small weekend income. For those more bold it could grow into a full blown enterprise.


Your Profits:

Would you like to brainstorm a dozen or so ideas beyond physically using chicken coop plans to produce them?

I thought so.

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