Smart Small Business Ideas

"Simple Steps to Solid Profit"

Smart small business ideas...for the men and women that are the financial backbone of any nation. You are the heros and heartbeats of your nation’s economy.

As small business owners...

  • You have dreams when others choose to just get by.
  • You take risks when others will not.
  • You pursue excellence when the crowd says be average.
  • You sacrifice now so you can enjoy the rewards later.
  • The term 9 to 5 is foreign to your ears.
  • You see a problem as
    opportunity knocking ”.
  • You don’t just do a job...
    you give it that extra touch of pizzazz, that touch of excellence.
  • You have decided that if you don’t act on your plan for your future you really won’t have much of one to enjoy.

I admire you and I’m glad you’re here.

You’ll find over 1100 different ways to be an entrepreneur in our list of small business ideas. I’ll show you how you can double or triple or the number of ideas with just a little brainstorming.

I’ll go further in depth with pet business ideas. From cat litter inventions to Louis Vuitton animal clothing (say what??).
There are plenty of paths (or pet trails) that you can take.

I got a kick out of researching the kids business ideas. Mainly because it reminded me of my own beginnings and then the memories of raising my two sons to be entrepreneurs. Plenty of ideas to peruse and many that apply to adults too. Check them out.

Are all your business cards still in the box? Find out how to create and use business cards that work as hard as you do.

There will be more...

  • small town ideas
  • teen ideas
  • online ideas
  • unusual business ideas
  • business names
  • small business street smarts in marketing.

Quotes and videos of average individuals that have overcome the odds and daily show us a better way to live.

Smart small business ideas for... You.

Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up & get comfortable. Open up your mind with me to an incredible world of small business ideas.

Your dreams and goals are waiting for you.

Reach for them, grab ahold and run with them.

Choose a life of excellence.


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Motivational Words
Motivational words, life changing words, attitudes and actions can completely turn around the direction of your business, your customer, an employee and you, the owner. Join me and be lifted up!
Business Card Dispenser - Business Card Advertising - Business Card Ideas
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Latin Mottos
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Proverbs Sayings
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Marketing Ambassadors
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Cheap Door Hangers
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Homemade Pet Food Recipes
Your homemade pet food recipes are more valuable to you and your pet than you ever imagined...
Create Marketing Plan
Top priority for profits... Create Marketing Plan Pathways. What is that you say? ...
Simple Dog House Plans for Profit!
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Famous Military Mottos - Army Mottos - Marine Mottos - Navy Mottos
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Sample Business Marketing Plan - Marketing Business Plans - Free Marketing Plan
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Stunt Bikes | Are Stunt Bikes Good Business?
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Long Term Car Parking | Car Parking Profits
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Street Painting Artist | A Huge Painting Canvas
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Motivational Thought for the Day
This motivational thought for the day can change you, others, relive stress, boost your immune system and bring world peace. Well, almost.
make a hovercraft
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Make your Vacation to Ireland Profitable
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Soda Pop | Make Soda Pop Pop Profits
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Hippos Making Money
Hippos live in South Africa. Jessica is one of them. Nothing unusual there except that she her own website, set up by her family to help support her...
Street Performer | Unique Ongoing Cash Flow
If you are a street performer you or in a unique position to create a very profitable lifestyle simply by using a laptop...
Heavy Equipment Operator Sandbox
A heavy equipment operator sandbox is thinking out of the box as this man shows...
Can a Tiny House Bring Big Profits?
Can a tiny house bring financial freedom and create an ongoing income stream with a little planning?
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Become an Art Curator
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Unique Personalized Gifts for Fun and Profit
Is it possible to create an online business with your interest in unique personalized gifts? For most people the answer is no. For you this article we'll answer that...
Answering Service or VoiceMail
You're answering service or voicemail is generally one of the first contacts your company will have with potential clients. We've all heard how first impressions are so important. If ever there was a
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